from Anything Sing


from Anything Sing


“It wasn’t until I met Ellen that I was floored by my own feelings. It was like an arrow through my heart. I was hers from the moment she first held me. It seems crazy after denying my feelings for women for so many years that in an instant, I fell in love, and loving her, saved me. ” - Portia de Rossi

After 9 years..still deeply in love.


Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve dreamt up this scene.

It’s those kind of technical things that are so awesome in the show and are just really funny to film because you look so ridiculous. We would just burst out in laughter after the take because we looked so ridiculous. – Kathryn Alexandre 


delphine going with cosima to her hairdresser to see how she gets her dreads done

and the hairdresser is a lovely jamaican woman who gets unexpectedly emotional when she meets delphine and she’s really friendly and lovely and makes cosima laugh a lot and when they’re there cosima’s accent goes a lil bit jamaican like hers and cosima laughs extra loud when delphine says something a lil bit dirty

and that’s how delphine meets cosima’s mum